Nowhere in the United States is a 40 hour work week on minimum wage enough to afford a 2 bedroom apartment.

Billy Batwinas, unable to work due to a severe case of cellulitis, could not make rent in East Boston. He had no choice to but to go to the streets. His wife, Geni, and son, Matthew, were able to stay in a motel that houses homeless families until they get back on their feet. 

Unfortunately the motel would not let Billy to stay with his family until welfare recognizes their marriage. 

Billy has no choice but to sleep behind the strip mall next to the motel.

This is a family of regular people. These are not drug addicts, they are not careless with their money, and they are not trying to live off the government. They are what so many families are facing today in America with no real sign of hope. 


© Robert Paniconi

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